ReadiVoice-IP Centrex Phones

Designed with you in mind, IP Centrex Systems span features from the essential to the all-inclusive

Designed with our customers in mind, DRN IP Centrex Packages span features from the essential to the all-inclusive.

We have a team stacked with highly skilled technicians and Network Analysts to help design a package perfect for you and your business. Don’t worry, as your business changes and/ or grows, these packages can easily be upgraded or adjusted to accommodate your current business needs. Need a user guide? Click here.

Centrex Phone Systems are built for NOW.
Introducing a fully managed scalable business phone system that is as mobile and on the move as you are.


Eliminate the need for costly activations or moves that involve separate service technicians from each manufacturer. Savings are immediate when you upgrade to DRN’s IP telephone system. Web-based tools allow for more efficient moves, adds, and changes. Simply unplug from the data network and plug it back in at the new location to relocate any IP telephone. Services are instantly restored by DRN along with every feature and grouping previously assigned. Throw away outdated PBX or key systems in small remote office locations and access advanced communication applications such as Call Managing, Unified Messaging, Find Me/Follow Me, among others, can be seamlessly distributed over IP networks to all remote and mobile locations.


IP Centrex is a highly scalable system/service that is personalized to your individual budget, networking, and business needs. As your business grows you can add new sites to your network as well as increase access speeds between sites by simply upgrading your package. Let DRN take care of the rest. We will handle ongoing maintenance and upgrades to outdated equipment. This is great for remote employees because it enables them to securely access the network from out-of-office locations with out being inconvenienced.


Avoid the cost of building, maintaining, and managing your phone system.  DRN’s IP Centrex allows you to focus on the day-to-day tasks of owning and operating a successful business. There is no one size fits all. This fully customizable system offer flexibility to personalize it to your individual needs and wants. Features such as Unified Messaging and Call Manager increase productivity by improving communication and collaboration among employees. DRN’s IP Centrex offers a single source for all your telecommunication needs. With our IP Centrex we take accountability for all response and restore situations.

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