ReadiRemote IT

From the Desk of Andrew Meyer

Over the past month we have been making exciting changes to boost our ability to serve our managed service customers. We are in the process of implementing ReadiRemote IT (RR IT), a remote monitoring and management software to oversee our clients’ servers and workstations. This software allows us to monitor and fix many things behind the scenes, many times without anyone’s knowledge that there was even something wrong. I’ll explain how this works and some of the scenarios. RR IT gets installed on our customer’s server or workstation and securely reports back to a server in DRN’s data center what state the machine is in. This is done inside an encrypted tunnel so there are no worries about who can see the machine statistics. If RR IT discovers a problem, it immediately opens a service ticket to inform our ReadiTech technicians there is work to do.

Let’s say over the weekend there is a power outage and your server or workstation goes down. We will know about it immediately and be able to get it up and running before the office opens on Monday morning.

Some of the other things ReadiRemote IT allows us to do remotely is reboot machines, monitor and install windows and software updates, install and uninstall software, and monitor backups and anti-virus. You will no longer have to worry about running out of disk space, not having security updates installed, or whether or not you’re getting the best performance out of your machine and network. Let our ReadiTech team take care of that for you, call us today about ReadiRemote IT.

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