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10 ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

What do you do when your business is holding an event and the traditional posters, newspaper and radio ads are not reaching the audience that you want it to?  Easy! Time to turn to social media. Seventy-six percent of Facebook users check it every day! Here are 10 easy ways to use social media to promote your event. Create a catchy hashtag – keep it pertinent, short and unique.  Encourage participants to use the hashtag when posting about the event. This will help to create a social buzz for your event. Create a Facebook event – this is a separate page just for your event. Here you can post all the details about your up and coming event.  It will also provide a place for attendees to network and share information. Facebook Ads – Use Facebook ads to promote your event. For a small investment you can target the exact audience you are hoping to reach with your event. Highlight the headliner – bringing in a special speaker? Having a regional band perform?  Highlight them with pictures that include quotes from them.  Ask them to provide you with a personalized video of how excited they are to come to the event. #TBT – Is this an annual event? Pull pictures and video from last year to create a highlight reel of all the fun last year’s attendees had. Create a contest – hold a contest across multiple social media platforms for free tickets to the event. Have contestants use your catchy hashtag in some way to be entered. Poll the audience – create more hype by asking what the... read more

DRN ReadiTech takes backup to the cloud!

Have you ever wondered where your backup data is stored when you purchase DRN Readitech’s backup service?  Until recently, DRN has stored our customer’s data on site locally.  However, this summer DRN ReadiTech’s team made a change.  That change was to move our customer’s data to the cloud.  There are several reasons for moving to the cloud.  These reasons include internal resource efficiency, enhanced security, process validation and ease of scalability.  Moving to the cloud solution will bring about several positive changes for our customers.  The most notable change will be the enjoyment of a monthly price decrease.  Our in house storage cost was $0.30 per gig per month.  Our new cloud solution is $0.20 per gig per month. Do a quick Google search for online backup solutions.  You will find that there are thousands of companies offering online backup services and some at very low prices.  When selecting a backup service provider, proceed with caution.  Several companies selling backup services online do not have a customer service support team.  I’m referring to a real live person you can talk to or chat with when you’re in need of storing your backup.   With some of these online solutions, you are completely on your own to resolve any issues that may arise.  In the event that you have lost all your pictures that were stored on your computer or those important business files, the last feeling you want is to have no one to call for help.   You want and need someone to help you as soon as possible.  Therefore, make sure that whatever backup solution you purchase, choose one... read more

Why you need a password manager

Have you ever stopped to think about how many online accounts you have?  15, 20, 100?  It seems that websites whether they are for online shopping, news, real estate, banking, or social media need an account for you to participate. I started counting the number of accounts that my wife and I share. We are approaching 25 accounts just in our shared digital notebook.  Of course, with each new account you need to pick a username and a password. How often do you choose a new strong password versus using that old go-to password? It turns out that despite our best intentions to think of a new password research shows that most Americans tend to reuse the same password for online accounts.  Over time our online presence continues to grow and so do the number of accounts that we have, so how should we handle them? Today, many people still use their mind, old-fashioned pen and paper, browser saved passwords, a password file on their smart device, or password managers.  If you are still okay with using browsers, your mind, or your pen and paper consider how secure the online world has been and will continue to be. Both Target and Yahoo had separate data breaches in 2013. Yahoo’s data breach affected every single one of their accounts (3.3 billion in 2017). This year Facebook had 87 million users affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, did you change your passwords? As technology changes, so do hackers and their abilities to crack passwords, perpetrate cyber-attacks, and use your account data for their benefit.  I’m not trying to sell you a... read more

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