ReadiTech welcomes David Malsam!

Effective Aug. 1, READiTECH powered by DRN Experts has purchased Compquest Technology of Aberdeen, SD.  Owner David Malsam has now joined the DRN ReadiTech team.  Both DRN ReadiTech and David are excited for this new partnership and the ability to provide all customers with more efficient, robust sales and support.  In addition to joining the team, David will maintain an office in Aberdeen at 9 5th Ave SE.  DRN ReadiTech would like to thank our current customers for their business and also welcome our new customers.  We truly look forward to working with you.



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Is your WiFi KRACK’d?

Recently some major announcements were made about a security vulnerability called KRACK in WiFi password security.  While I could bore you with the details of how the hackers could exploit this, the important thing to know is that its legit and you should definitely take action.  This affects residential systems as well as business systems and the main reason this is a problem for most users is because of 1 simple reason.  When was the last time you updated the firmware in your router/firewall? The firmware is the software inside the hardware that makes the unit operate.  Almost every unit I see has basically the same firmware the product was shipped with and the KRACK vulnerability exploits a feature that was standard in most Wi-Fi protocols for the last 10 years.  Using the KRACK vulnerability, hackers gain access to your WiFi network without knowing your WiFi passwords. So what should you do?  1st, Business customers should never use residential grade routers and firewalls.  I cringe when I walk into local gas stations, main street shops, or grocery stores and see a router they purchased from Walmart because it was cheap.  There’s a reason their cheap and the firewall protection these offer is minimal.  2nd thing to do, if you don’t want to upgrade your router/firewall you should definitely upgrade the firmware.  To do this, you find the make and model of router you have, download the proper firmware from the manufactures support website (make sure its actually from the manufactures website, not a wholesale firmware warehouse type website)  and log into the administration portal of the router/firewall and upload... read more

What is Project Management?

We live in a world where there are projects that need to be completed everywhere.  At work, at home, at school, within our organizations and clubs, really everywhere we look we are talking about a project  that needs to be completed.  So have you ever been frustrated on how long a project is taking?  Or been displeased with how much additional a project ends up costing?  Or unhappy with the final result?  If you answered yes to any of these questions than I would like to suggest applying Project Management to your next project. You might be asking the following questions. What is Project Management?  Project Management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. Why should I use Project Management?  Project Management is used to produce a quality end product that will provide benefit.  It is the initiation, planning and control of tasks required to deliver this end product. How can projects be completed the most effective and efficient way possible?  The answer is simple, by applying the below core components of Project Management. Define the reason why a project is necessary Capture project requirements – deliverables, resources, timelines Prepare a business case to justify the investment Secure agreement and funding Develop and implement a management plan for the project Lead and motivate the project team Manage the risks, issues and changes on the project Monitor project progress against the project plan Manage the project budget Maintain communication with stakeholders and project team Manage the project Document lessons learned for future projects Close the project This has been a simplified explanation... read more

National TV Advertising!

Ever wondered how DRN has a: 30 second commercial airing while you’re watching your favorite sports team,  home makeover or reruns of some of your favorite shows on TBS, TNT or USA? It’s true…DRN can now share the value of your business with a: 30 second commercial on ten different National Networks in our service territory.  Choose from ESPN, HGTV, USA, TNT, TBS, DISCOVERY, ESPN2, LIFETIME, CNN OR FOX NEWS to target the market you are looking for! It’s a simple call to make with TV being by far the most effective advertising medium. Plus, the process is easy! Together, we will create your story and the message you want viewers to see.  Our Multimedia Specialist will visit your business and take video footage and photos to develop your commercial.  Once produced, we’ll help you decide on a schedule for airing your final product.   If you already have a commercial created, perfect!  We’ll put together a schedule with the networks you would like to advertise on. Try something new…put your business on national networks and take advantage of reaching over 4800 TV viewers. Visit our website to learn more about DRN’s cost effective advertising throughout the DRN service... read more

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