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Our Weekly Blog

Back 2 School

The day some dread, others look forward to as soon as the school supplies hit the retail store shelves.  Yes, it is Back to School time.  Time to discover.  Time to Learn.  Time to purchase notebooks, pencils, calculators, and more. Time to watch the next generation develop those life-long learning skills. One of those skills is learning how to conduct research. The Internet has made research easy compared to my high school days where we had to go to the library, search for books, journals, newspapers, and magazines looking for any information regarding a specific topic. So how do we find the information we are looking for on the Internet.  First, you must select which search engine you are going to use—Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, etc.  A search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate information via the World Wide Web. Google is the most popular and commonly used search engine.  Simply go to Google search and type a keyword, phrase or question.  You can even use the Internet to access resources and apps to help you study. To conduct research on the Internet, you need a device—computer, laptop, tablet or smart device.  If your back to school shopping list includes a new computer or laptop, please give ReadiTech a call.  Our technical support specialists can assist you with the purchasing of a new device that is just right for you and your family.  We can custom order machines.  ReadiTech also has laptops on hand for those who need a device immediately. A computer/device with Internet access is an awesome tool not only for students but... read more

Social Engineering: Gone Phishing

  In recent years we have seen more and more conflict on the cyber battlefield.  As more attacks and breaches occur, more and more resources go into defensive actions.  Firewalls, strong passwords, and updating software are essential to securing the home front.  However, when considering cyber defense, you must not forget that the most commonly exploited component is the human.  This exploit is commonly called social engineering.  Why bother learning the skills to hack into a computer when it is easier to trick, manipulate, or intimidate a person into handing over their credentials?  Thoughts like this have led to a surge of hacking by use of psychology.  Hopefully shedding some light on what is out there will help you identify these scams before you fall victim to them. Think of social engineers as related to the classic conman because both use similar tactics.  The only difference now is the medium.  Social engineers primarily use email due to how simple it is to reach large groups of people.  The general term for email scamming is phishing.  Just like the conman you will see scare tactics, fake urgency, deals too good to be true, and impersonations.  Phishing emails always have a subject line that catches the eye, examples:  Cancellation of Health Care Coverage, IRS Tax Inquiry, Bank Account Overdrawn, Get 90% Off New iPad Order Now.  You can also expect all caps and excessive amounts of exclamation points.  If you suspect an email to be a phishing attempt don’t click any links or attachments.  To distinguish between the imposter and the original hover your mouse over the sender address compare it... read more

Inside the Business World

My name is Alyssa Nishek. I would like to tell you about my experience as the Marketing Intern at DRN/ReadiTech for the summer; everything only an insider would know. Before I inform you on the details of my internship, I first need to tell you a bit about myself. I graduated from Ellendale High School this year. I plan on attending NDSU in the Fall to pursue degrees in both Communications and Criminal Justice. My goal is to become a lawyer. I grew up in a small town, but have seen forty of the US states. I don’t plan on living in the Midwest my whole life. I have a passion for music, family, reading, writing, traveling and dogs. Summer jobs have been part of my life for five years now. I first started as a babysitter, then I moved up on the totem pole to lawn mowing for two years, next came waitressing for a summer, and finally, the most prestigious of them all, my internship at DRN/ReadiTech. I had a few initial worries going into this internship. First was that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the summer weather, as I did in past jobs, sitting inside all day at a desk. First world problems, I know. Second, I would have a desk job, eight to five every day. My jobs the past five summers had very flexible hours and as long as the work got done I could pretty well choose when I wanted to work. That being said I wasn’t sure I was ready for the kind of commitment that came with the internship. Lastly,... read more

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