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Our Weekly Blog

Hosted PBX

Many areas of IT and Technology in general are geared toward making your job easier and potentially saving you money at the same time.  But what about your phone system? It might feel like a necessary evil, a system that simply is what it is and will always cost more money and trouble than it’s worth. But that’s not true anymore. Traditional phone systems required the “brains” of the system to be placed at your location often filling up the wiring closet with large and unsightly equipment. That on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) controls all your call routing and dictates which feature set is available to you.  When you want to add a new feature or upgrade the existing firmware on your system it often requires an on-site visit by a technician who’s likely there as part of a lengthy and pricey maintenance contract, or an even pricier out of contract visit. That’s where Hosted PBX starts to differentiate itself.  What we mean by Hosted PBX is simply that the configurations all come from our Metaswitch here at DRN ReadiTech office.  To the customer this means that the only equipment that is onsite is a small switch in the wiring closet and the actual phones on the desks.  All the upgrades are taken care of behind the scenes automatically.  No need for a technician to come onsite and interrupt service at your location.  And because it comes right off our main switch you will have access to the entire gamut of features that are available now or will become available as technology changes. Here’s just a few of the... read more

DRN/ReadiTech Career Series

I’d like to spend a little time talking about careers at DRN/ReadiTech. Currently we have an opening for a customer care specialist at our headquarters in Ellendale.  The customer care specialist position is a vital role at any organization.  At DRN/ReadiTech, our customer care specialists pride themselves on providing our customers with a top-notch experience at every interaction.  Customer care specialists coordinate our customers’ experience in person and by phone by providing first level support and recommending a complete technology solution to fit their needs.  At DRN/ReadiTech, our team of customer care specialists work closely together to encourage, educate, and solve problems together making it easy to work with any of our specialists for a positive experience.  In a previous blog, you might have read about our values. Employees at DRN/ReadiTech embody our values – Respect, Accountability, Commitment, Service, and Teamwork.  Something unique our specialists are empowered to do is send a greeting card to a customer they have worked with that may be celebrating a special event or is just in need of a pick me up!  For more on why you want to work for us, refer to my previous blog, “Why do you want to work for us?” Do you have previous customer service/technical experience?  Do you enjoy working to improve customer satisfaction and quickly resolving customer requests?  Are you interested in further developing your abilities and growing with our team while interacting with customers each week?  If your answer is “yes” you might be interested in a customer care specialist position at DRN.  To review the complete job description here.  To apply, please submit a... read more

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Sitting has been branded the “New Smoking” for the health risks it potentially causes.   I am not a doctor or medical research scientist.  But I do work in an environment that sitting most of the work day is more of the norm than I would like.  Sitting has been linked with cancer, back and neck pain, cardiovascular disease, obesity and many more conditions.  What are we to do to combat the “new smoking”. One thing I have incorporated into my workday is standing.  I use a standing desk to break up my day of sitting.  This has really improved my posture and how I work.  When I got my standing desk, I decided to stand as much as possible to fight the risks of sitting.  What I found was I forced myself to stand longer than I was comfortable and started to not use the standing desk.   I changed to standing in the morning when I got to work, for about an hour.  Then again when I returned from lunch.  This breaks up a day of sitting and works into the new posture of standing and working. If you start using a stand-up desk that is just one part of improving your lifestyle and health.  What you should be aiming at is to reduce continuous sitting.  Changing a few aspects at work can make a big difference.  We are all told to drink more water.  Doing so will make you get up and use the restroom, thus creating more steps in the day!   Smart watches and fitness trackers today will remind you to get up and get moving or... read more

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