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Our Weekly Blog

A Time to Post

Hello again! As of today, there are only 14 days left in 2018.  Yikes.  In previous blog posts, I have talked about Facebook specifically and the importance of a social media presence.  Also, I discussed why video is your friend across social media.  Let’s not forget that great list of 10 ways to use social media to promote your event.  As we look forward to 2019, let’s take a moment to chat about the best times to post on social media. Unfortunately, there is no perfect time to post on social media.  Each person has a different time during which they browse.  Myself, as an example, I normally gravitate to Twitter in the early morning.  I will visit Facebook around lunch time on an average day.  While you’ll find me on either Instagram or Pinterest after 8:30pm. Take a moment to think of how your social media viewing times compare to the times that I am perusing social media.  It just goes to show how different each person is and why there is not perfect time to post. Even though every individual has a normal time that they will go onto social media. Each platform has an optimal time in which to post on.  A simple search online will produce multiple articles with a great deal of data indicating the best times to post on social media.  When posting on Facebook, Thursday through Sunday will get you the highest engagement.  While Wednesdays are the most effective days to post on Twitter.  It is not just about the day that you post either.  There more effective times of the day... read more

Oh How IT Has Grown

DRN has always been proud to be your telecommunications cooperative since 1950, providing voice, video and internet services to our members!  Along with providing traditional services, Dickey Rural Networks, saw the need to diversify while continuing to provide cooperative members with the same stellar traditional services.   This decision was driven out of the need and demand that our business customers had for IT services.  These business customers were calling service providers out of Fargo, Bismarck or out-of-state to come out to our rural areas to support their IT networks. So the ReadiTech story begins in 2011, when the DRN Leadership Team and Board of Directors, created ReadiTech – a Managed Solutions company –  to provide IT Solutions to our cooperative members.  ReadiTech was started with one IT Analyst, Andy Meyer and one customer Ashley School.  After successfully supporting the Ashley School, other business relationships started to form.  These relationships would be with other schools, elevators, banks, credit unions, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, the list goes on.  With the growth of customers, ReadiTech needed to add additional staff.  This is when Scott Young and Richard Reis would join the team and begin supporting IT Services for ReadiTech. Along with growth of customers and maintaining customer networks, came the need to further educate our staff on the latest technologies.  In the world of technology, it is important to be certified in an array of technology disciplines, so customers can be assured of a company’s expertise and standout from the competition.  The ReadiTech staff would begin studying for months, attending boot camps, taking many practice tests and simulations in order to become... read more

Data Protection

My name is Brandon Huber and I’m a Network Assistant at ReadiTech.  As the newest member of the team I wanted to start with a brief introduction.  I grew up not far from where I live now in Edgeley, ND.  After high school I studied Criminal Justice as NDSU and joined the military after 9/11.  My experience in the Army has gone a long way to shape the person that I am today.  At the end of enlistment, I left the service with a renewed desire to protect others from the types of threats I met overseas.  That concept of protection and security has evolved over the years as we have advanced in our ability to use technology to connect. Unquestionably technology has improved all our lives with efficiency and new ways to communicate.  But with new connections comes new security risks to your valuable data.  Your data, or your digital identity, is all the unique information that is specific to you.  For instance, your social security number and the password to your computer.  It goes without saying that this information is incredibly valuable, not only to you but to hackers as well.  It’s been said that our data is the currency of tomorrow and the most valuable commodity we own.  For many the task of correctly protecting data can seem overwhelming.  As a business owner you are probably so heavy focused on taking care of your customers that you simply don’t have the resources available to become a security expert as well. Fortunately, we are here to help.  Everyday our security options continue to evolve to meet the... read more

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