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Our Weekly Blog

Signs of Summer

Spring has sprung, but at DRN & ReadiTech signs of summer are surfacing as we wrap up the interview process and make offers for our summer internships.  In 2001, DRN & ReadiTech created a summer internship program in our marketing department.  Fast forward seventeen years, our summer internship program is going strong and has grown into other areas of the business including operations, IT, and accounting. The benefits of the internship to the interns and DRN & ReadiTech are many.  The interns gain valuable experience and exposure to a professional working environment with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in real time, work scenarios.  DRN & ReadiTech provides mentorship to the interns and helps them develop the skills they are acquiring at school and an employment opportunity that allows them to come “home” for the summer.  DRN & ReadiTech also has the unique opportunity to potentially see the interns return in the future for full time employment opportunities.  In 2015, we realized this benefit when a previous marketing intern returned to DRN & ReadiTech for full time employment.  Others have gained employment in the industry as well.  One DRN & ReadiTech intern went on to work for the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association and another began their career after graduation at a North Dakota sister cooperative. Further supporting the many benefits, a Gallup Blog titled “Why Colleges Should Make Internships a Requirement”, shows recent graduates who graduated from 2002-2016 who had a relevant job or internship while in school were more than twice as likely to acquire a good job immediately after graduation. More than 42% of the... read more

Why Everyone Should have a Firewall

The Internet can be a scary place.  You have probably heard the news about all the data that has been compromised from Facebook user accounts.  Even if you don’t use Facebook or social media of any kind you should still have a firewall.  It is important to know what the firewall can do and what it will not do. It is imperative to change the default password that the firewall has when it comes out of the box. A firewall protects your network from unwanted Internet traffic from coming inside your personal network.  Firewalls filter the information passed between your computer and the Internet which then either allows safe traffic through or blocks unsafe traffic.  For instance, a firewall will block unauthorized remote access to your computer. It will not block remote control apps used by technology companies or spammers that you give permission to remote control your computer.  Many scammers will have a pop up message that says your computer has been infected and to call a specific number.  Once you call they will ask to remote into your PC and do more damage and possibly steal information.  It is very important that you trust who you give remote access.  Some firewalls even have software built-in to allow them to act as content filters.  Content filters can protect you from specific file extensions, or specific website content or webpages which may be harmful. It is very important that you change the default password on your router or firewall.  Every model of firewall uses the same default username and password, which is very easy to obtain with a quick... read more

Your Personal Information is Safe With Us

No matter what you use for a news source, you hear or read about data breaches on a daily basis.  This past week, the news has been filled with stories about Facebook and how it allowed a third party data collection agency to gather and use information about its Facebook users. According to Breach Level Index, there have been 9,740,567,988 data records lost or stolen since 2013.  That equates to 59 records every second! In today’s world, it is not a matter of if a business or individual will be affected by a security breach but when. ReadiTech has several measures in place to protect the cooperatives data information as well as that of its customers.  And, we adopted a mindset that fundamentally changes the way we protect our organization.  This mindset is that cyber security is real and an ongoing project, one where we have to always be preparing for potential attacks and data breaches. Today, I would like to address how we use the data we collect from our customers. ReadiTech is compliant with the FCC rules and regulations regarding the collection of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).  Federal law allows us to use the information from your current records to market and advise you of new products and services that may satisfy your communication needs, unless you notify us otherwise. The information we collect or have access to regarding your services, address, phone numbers, date of birth, social security number, etc., is confidential.  Not only is it the law, but it also our duty to protect that information.  We do not share nor sell any of... read more

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