ReadiTech welcomes David Malsam!

Effective Aug. 1, READiTECH powered by DRN Experts has purchased Compquest Technology of Aberdeen, SD.  Owner David Malsam has now joined the DRN ReadiTech team.  Both DRN ReadiTech and David are excited for this new partnership and the ability to provide all customers with more efficient, robust sales and support.  In addition to joining the team, David will maintain an office in Aberdeen at 9 5th Ave SE.  DRN ReadiTech would like to thank our current customers for their business and also welcome our new customers.  We truly look forward to working with you.



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Software Licensing 101

Software licensing, what’s that? You mean that fine print I scrolled over so I could get my software application (app) installed? Chances are software licensing is one of the furthest thoughts from your mind. Sure you use software
daily, either in your personal life or at work, but how often do you stop and think about your legal rights to use that software.

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Security Safety

From the desk of Josh Peldo – Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) & Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) We are constantly bombarded with news from around the world of security breaches, stolen data, and network hacking. Many people feel “it won’t happen to me,” but that isn’t true. It can be the local Dairy Queen, ND State College of Science in Wahpeton, or maybe one of the many local DRN customers that call in saying their accounts have been compromised. I can’t stress enough how likely it is that your data may be in jeopardy and to not take your security information lightly. If you were unaware, local Dairy Queens in Eastern North Dakota have recently been attacked by hackers. Malware called Backoff, accessed systems and hacked files that held customer names, payment card numbers, and expiration dates. NDSCS in Wahpeton discovered malware activity on computers that contained current and former students and employee’s personal information, Social Security numbers and mailing addresses. So much damage can be done now, with so little personal information, that it is worth going above and beyond to protect yourself. With a Social Security number and date of birth, hackers can use your information to forge an IRS Tax Return. The refund can be put on a gift card and then those hackers will use ATM’s to withdraw the cash from the forged tax return and make it nearly impossible to track them down. So what can you do to protect your network and your personal information? DRN Network/Server Analyst, Scott Young, discussed in the April ReadiTech Newsletter how a strong firewall can... read more

Network Assessment

From the desk of Kari Nishek – Certified Associate in Project Management Is your company’s network up to speed? DRN’s IT experts, the ReadiTech team, can provide your company with a FREE Network Assessment! So what is a network assessment? A Network Assessment gives our IT Analysts a clear look into your network infrastructure. It allows our analysts to identify equipment or software that needs to be upgraded and reviews performance issues. If network issues are identified, our IT analysts can provide solutions to resolve these issues and will ultimately optimize your network’s performance. DRN’s Network Assessment will help your organization to understand your network by: providing a network inventory analysis, identify network issues or concerns, create a network diagram and compile data to provide expert insight into your network’s performance. Our analysts will also help your company understand how your IT hardware and software work together. By having a network assessment performed, this exercise can assist your company with the information needed to  plan for network upgrades and future improvements. It can also save your company time and money by improving the performance and work-flow of your networks end user. Also, the outcome of a network assessment can be  beneficial in preparing upcoming budgets and planning for next year and future years to come. The ReadiTech team has experience with networks in the fields of education, healthcare, financial, retail,  manufacturing, agricultural, and more. For more information or for your FREE Network Assessment, please call the DRN ReadiTech team... read more

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