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Invested in our Communities

DRN & ReadiTech are building a strong future by investing in our communities. Is your business involved in the communities it serves? Being involved in the community is a great way for any organization to build relationships and boost brand awareness. DRN and ReadiTech recognize the importance of being involved in and focused on the betterment of its communities. Since the cooperative was formed in 1950, community involvement has always been important. As a cooperative, our members are the community. Community involvement or our corporate social responsibility efforts range from donating money to nonprofits to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace.  Here are some ways that we give back: Civic & Commerce Medical Fire Departments & First Responders Parks & Rec Schools & Youth Activities Veteran Organizations Community Stores & Cafés Domestic Shelters Community Beautification and more! We also have employees who volunteer their time as coaches, city officials, fireman, first responders, youth advisors, and more. A couple of the highlights of employee led fundraisers: In 2016, DRN employees lead a fundraiser to raise $20,000 to provide a service dog for a North Dakota Veteran through Service Dogs For America. Every month employees deliver meals on wheels to senior citizens and this past Christmas employees made tie blankets to deliver to the meals on wheels clients. DRN and ReadiTech are proud to give back to the communities, members and clients that they serve. If you have a nonprofit organization that is looking for help with a project, submit a request letter of to marketing@drtel.com. “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller... read more


It’s everyone’s job!  Whether you are a CEO of a large company, an educator at our local school, bank president, dietician, student, parent or marketing manager, its everyone’s job to ensure online safety at work and  home. And as the lines between our work and home become increasingly blurred it is even more important to make sure that smart cybersecurity is happening between the two. The headlines are filled with information and news about cybersecurity.  But what exactly is cybersecurity?   Cybersecurity is a very broad category that encompasses numerous hardware and software tools that can be applied on any level—personal or corporate devices or networks.  Tools commonly include antivirus software, software patches, firewalls, encryption and passwords.  Crystal Grueneich, DRN ReadiTech technical assistant, recently wrote a blog regarding a new product called Keeper, which is a password management tool offered by DRN ReadiTech. A recent news article in the Fargo Forum reported that Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler said a majority of parents in North Dakota “believe that (computer) coding and understanding of all the apps and devices we are using are as important to students as reading, writing and mathematics ” Baesler went on to say, “It’s truly about preparing students not for just jobs, but also preparing them for life.” North Dakota Governor Doug Bergum also recently announced the state’s participation in an online cybersecurity competition.  The 2019 Girls Go CyberStart program is a series of online challenges that allow students to act as cyber protection agents to solve cybersecurity-related puzzles and explore related topics as cryptography and digital forensics.  There is also a similar program for college students... read more

Time flies when you’re having fun!

My career has taken me to 9 different locations, in three states, over a 41- year span.  I have worked for two Corporations, a Commercial Company, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), and DRN your Cooperative.  My first job coming out of NDSU was in central MN and part of my responsibilities were to visit 8 party line customers that were not being very nice to their neighbors. The message was “either you quit rubbering or you will be disconnected”.  My how things have changed over the years.  Internet is now the service of choice and DRN is offering GIG service via its 100% fiber network.  Well ahead of the national curve. Since April of 2013, I have had the privilege of working with a very dedicated Board of Directors and group of Employees.  Everyone here at DRN is focused on the Members. The Cooperative mentality has been our foundation for the past 68 years and will continue to be for the years to come.  DRN is one of the strongest Cooperatives in the nation. Let me repeat, IN THE NATION. I feel very good about my contribution these past 6 years to help to grow our members, employees, and company.  Looking back, our company wide toll-free calling was a big boost for our local economy.  The boards approval of free routers to improve the internet experience for our members along with 3 free digital boxes with our digital TV rollout was a sign of commitment to our members.  The boards aggressive capital credit payouts each year is yet another sign of the commitment to members. Our employees are... read more

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