Network Assessment

From the desk of Kari Nishek – Certified Associate in Project Management

Is your company’s network up to speed? DRN’s IT experts, the ReadiTech team, can provide your company with a FREE Network Assessment! So what is a network assessment? A Network Assessment gives our IT Analysts a clear look into your network infrastructure. It allows our analysts to identify equipment or software that needs to be upgraded and reviews performance issues. If network issues are identified, our IT analysts can provide solutions to resolve these issues and will ultimately optimize your network’s performance.

DRN’s Network Assessment will help your organization to understand your network by: providing a network inventory analysis, identify network issues or concerns, create a network diagram and compile data to provide expert insight into your network’s performance. Our analysts will also help your company understand how your IT hardware and software work together.

By having a network assessment performed, this exercise can assist your company with the information needed to  plan for network upgrades and future improvements. It can also save your company time and money by improving the performance and work-flow of your networks end user. Also, the outcome of a network assessment can be  beneficial in preparing upcoming budgets and planning for next year and future years to come.

The ReadiTech team has experience with networks in the fields of education, healthcare, financial, retail,  manufacturing, agricultural, and more.

For more information or for your FREE Network Assessment, please call the DRN ReadiTech team today!

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