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Servers, Firewalls, Networking, Computers, Hardware, Software and more are all parts of the puzzle that enable your business to communicate and compete in a global economy.

IT is an integral part of today’s workplace.

We depend upon technology in nearly every aspect of our business; however, management of a successful IT solution is something many organizations fail to achieve. Are you plagued with outdated hardware, software, old cabling, high maintenance costs and/or limited staff? Are you concerned about network vulnerabilities that could leave your business at risk?

ReadiTECH can help! Our goal is to integrate with your business in order to help it achieve a seamless and hassle-free network and computer operation. Our highly trained technicians can become the IT department your business does not have the time or resources to maintain in-house. And if you do have an IT staff, our experts can simply compliment your team.

We offer a level of support that will best fit your business’ needs.  Unsure of what you need? Call our office @ 344-5000 we will do an assessment of your operation, explain what we’ve found and together, with you, determine the best level of support.

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Enhance your business’ performance with a SonicWall Firewall.  Learn more about the SonicWall here. Or call our office for a consultation at 344-5000.

Our managed IT Services are designed to give your business the most cost efficient and user-friendly solutions possible. Readi, set, go!

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Installation, configuration and maintenance of Ethernet switching equipment at a site, or multiple sites, to support the capacity and resiliency needs of a customer’s network. READITECH has several Cisco Systems certified experts in Ethernet switching that can evaluate your needs and supply a solution that will meet your network demands and business requirements.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the extension of a private network across a shared, or public network. VPNs allow two or more computing nodes to securely communicate across the Internet. All transferred data is encrypted and illegible when intercepted. A VPN permits seamless communication between sites, while maintaining the highest level of security offered by current technologies.  The  Readitech Team can provide you with a VPN connection that will securely connect you between locations.


The process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.  PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.  Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects.  Our PMP is ready to help you.  Call the ReadiTech Project Manager to assist your business in completing a project effectively and efficiently, which will be a cost savings to your company.


ReadiTech offers consulting services for all computer-related hardware purchasing.  Due to the partnerships ReadiTech has established with preferred vendors, ReadiTech offers customers competitive pricing for hardware products.  ReadiTech is a Microsoft Silver PartnerMicrosoft Partner logo.


Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility. Virtualization can improve business application performance, simplify data recovery, and increase utilization and lower electricity costs by consolidating servers.  ReadiTech Analysts are certified in VMWare and are here to assist businesses with virtualization.


Server management includes service monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and security of a server.  ReadiTech analysts take the worry away for our customers by fully maintaining their servers for them.


The installation or relocation of cabling can be stressful to a business that needs to stay operational at all times.  ReadiTech has experts in the area of network cabling that can install new cable or relocate your existing cable as needed.  ReadiTech technicians will provide relocating your servers, workstations, printers, email, website, internet, or telephony.


ReadiTech’s IT Analysts are certified professionals in the areas of Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, and Project Management.  ReadiTech provides customers with a free Network Assessment and builds a technology plans around your business, so that our customers can be assured that their IT network is sound and secure.  As a ReadiTech IT customer, our analysts will evaluate your network to ensure security, design a custom IT plan, and implement a high quality IT solution that is right for your business and company success.


A software license is a legal instrument which governs the use of or redistribution of software.  ReadiTech can provide competitive software license pricing through ReadiTech’s established and reputable vendors.


A Firewall is a device that is designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network.  Firewall management requires IT expertise to prevent unauthorized access by provisioning and deployed firewalls correctly and then upgrading and patching as needed to protect a network from the latest threats. Learn more about our firewalls here.


Managed Services is the action of proactively monitoring and maintaining your network, servers, computers, printers, and software along with providing support for a fixed monthly fee.  The benefit of hiring ReadiTech Analysts to manage your network is it allows you to focus on operating your business while being assured your network is secure and operational.


Online backup, also known as remote backup, is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection.  Our Managed Online Backup will keep all of your computer files safe and available to you via on-demand recovery in the event of a disaster.  They are also managed and monitored by ReadiTech technicians who review reports daily to make sure all systems are functioning correctly. Learn More Here!


Our certified technicians are on staff to provide superior IT customer service and support to our customers.  Our helpdesk assists customers with a variety of IT issues…network connectivity, video, voice, computer, tablet issues.  This involves screen sharing and remote control to make is simple to identify, diagnose and solve issues fast.  Our technicians also offer mobile device, tablet and computer repair along with virus protection.

ReadiRemote IT (RR IT)

ReadiRemote IT (RR IT) allows our ReadiTech team to monitor and fix your computer or network behind the scenes, many times without anyone’s knowledge that there was even something wrong.  This is done inside an encrypted tunnel so there is no need to worry about anyone viewing your files or data.  If RR IT discovers a problem, it immediately opens a service ticket to inform our ReadiTech technicians there is work to do.  If over the weekend there is a power outage and your server or workstation goes down, we will know about it immediately and be able to get it up and running before the office opens on Monday morning.

Web Hosting & Design

Launch your business website successfully with ReadiTech! From website design, hosting and support, our team will help find the best options to fit within your price range. From ready-to-use website templates you can modify yourself, to custom designed websites created by a team of experts—DRN ReadiTech offers a variety of options for you to fit your web design budget. Learn More.

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