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My name is Alyssa Nishek. I would like to tell you about my experience as the Marketing Intern at DRN/ReadiTech for the summer; everything only an insider would know. Before I inform you on the details of my internship, I first need to tell you a bit about myself.

I graduated from Ellendale High School this year. I plan on attending NDSU in the Fall to pursue degrees in both Communications and Criminal Justice. My goal is to become a lawyer. I grew up in a small town, but have seen forty of the US states. I don’t plan on living in the Midwest my whole life. I have a passion for music, family, reading, writing, traveling and dogs.

Summer jobs have been part of my life for five years now. I first started as a babysitter, then I moved up on the totem pole to lawn mowing for two years, next came waitressing for a summer, and finally, the most prestigious of them all, my internship at DRN/ReadiTech.

I had a few initial worries going into this internship. First was that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the summer weather, as I did in past jobs, sitting inside all day at a desk. First world problems, I know. Second, I would have a desk job, eight to five every day. My jobs the past five summers had very flexible hours and as long as the work got done I could pretty well choose when I wanted to work. That being said I wasn’t sure I was ready for the kind of commitment that came with the internship. Lastly, as a waitress I loved the interaction with customers. This was something I feared missing out on with my internship that I assumed was for the most part behind the scenes planning at a desk.

My worries were disproved almost immediately.

I jumped in nose deep right away. From the day I started I was treated like I’d been working here for years. The sense of community within the business was evident immediately; from the daily laughter heard between fellow employees to the comradery between departments, I learned the ins and the outs of the company hastily.

Working in a corporate setting was a learning experience for me. Until my internship began, I was completely unaware of the amount of detail that was needed behind the scenes of a Telecommunications Company. Growing up in the community of Ellendale I have been exposed to a lot of DRN/ReadiTech’s marketing and events. However, what I wasn’t exposed to was the time and detail that went into it. Suddenly I became the leading planner behind several of those events.

Not that the internship didn’t involve a hefty amount of planning, because it did, but it involved just as much opportunity to work with people. These opportunities included social media live streams, several PR events in which I conversed with customers, a tech camp for kids in the community and my personal favorite; a video shoot at the VA home in Lisbon. With all these opportunities came hands on involvement with people where I could get away from my desk and outside of the office.

Within my three-month internship I was often called upon to find new and exciting ways to market DRN/ReadiTech. This allowed me to tap into my creative side. One of the ways I did so was by creating a snapchat filter for a company event. Another was by designing sunglasses to have as giveaways at PR events. As you learned in my six-sentence bio, I love to write. My internship allowed me to write dozens of press releases based on news within the company, then I would send them to the local newspapers to be published. So, I guess you could call me a published author? In all seriousness, being able to incorporate creativity into daily tasks made my days go by very quickly because I looked at the work as not so much of a task but as an opportunity.

People say that millennials don’t like commitment and are afraid to have desk jobs. While I usually argue against stereotyping millennials, prior to my internship I was guilty of both. Three months later I have a new perspective on the business world, marketing, and the idea of a desk job. The opportunities and experience this internship brought me made it so much more than a desk job. Furthermore, it allowed me to expand on my experience in many areas that potential employees will be looking for.

Thank you, DRN/ReadiTech, for allowing me to be the Marketing Intern this summer. I will have a hard time finding a better desk job!


Alyssa Nishek – Marketing Intern


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