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Backup: Locally or The Cloud

Are you backing up your data? If not, you should start immediately. There are different forms of backup consisting of both local and cloud backup. Local backup is when you copy your data to a flash drive or an external hard drive, an onsite server or even a network attached storage device. This method of backup is usually more expensive up front but in the long run it pays for itself – call it insurance for your data. The other method is cloud backup. With this method you have a backup agent on your machine that talks to a datacenter somewhere that’s not onsite. This datacenter can be anywhere in the world where there is backup solution provider. This method is typically a monthly cost, depending on the size of data you are backing. To determine what backup solution to pick you should consider the importance of your data and if something was to go bad how fast will you need it. Best case scenario you combine both local backup and cloud backup to some capacity. For example, if you’re only backing up locally and your business was to catch on fire or even if someone broke in and took all your machines, how would you recover your important data? You can’t at that point.  However, if you backup all your data and machines in the cloud you’ll most likely be able to recover that information. If you leverage both methods you can back up everything locally and pick the data that’s important to the operation of your business to backup to the cloud. You’ll save more money and... read more

Blogging about blogging

There is a bit of irony when writing a blog post about why your business should be blogging.  The DRN ReadiTech blog has been active for nine months now and I hope that you have found some valuable information within our seventeen blog posts. As a business owner you may be asking yourself if you should have a blog or why you need a blog. Let’s take a moment to address some of the benefits of blogging. Drives traffic Anytime you can drive more traffic to your website is a plus, and while readers are on your blog they may venture to other pages on your website. Possibly resulting in a sale! Make search engines happy Search engines, such as Google, like websites that have changing and new material added to them. By having a blog and posting at least once a week you are satisfying search engine’s expectations. Establishes you as an expert in your field You know the goods and services you sell better than anyone else. Blogs also give your business a personable touch, making you more relatable to customers. Shareable material How did you find today’s blog post? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Practically everyone is on social media on one or more platforms. Blog posts are easy to share and re-share across all forms of social media, therefore your message is spread faster. Marketing A blog is a great way to share upcoming events or new releases. Build some suspense by giving a sneak peek into a new product. Use your blog as another gateway to market your business and goods. If you have been on the... read more

Not your average wi-fi

Picking a wi-fi option for your house to stream Netflix and look at Facebook is a tough decision, but what if you must connect 80 devices to it and need those devices to roam from classroom to classroom or office to office?  Picking a wi-fi option is sort of like trying to choose between a Lexus and a BMW.  Tons of options and features that all sound great, but how do you know what will be the best? My name is Josh Peldo and I’ve been with DRN and ReadiTech for 11 years. I’ve been helping businesses and schools with their technology needs for the past seven years.  If you’re looking for a new wi-fi option for your business or school, let me help you pick between that Lexus or BMW. In my experience with schools and businesses I’ve worked with many different vendors:  Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Fortinet, D-Link, Ubiquiti, and many others.  The one vendor that has risen to the top for me in the last three years is by far and away the Cisco Meraki.  The hardware has been solid and the best feature they offer is the cloud controller: no licensing issues, no controller firmware issues and best of all, a no-hassle portal to see all your devices and reports.  Meraki offers many different models of access points, network switches, routers, and even cameras. As far as wi-fi choices go, I feel like the Meraki offers you the most reliable, easy to use, and feature rich options.  A very popular feature has been content filtering.  Businesses or schools can offer a highly secure admin network alongside... read more

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