ReadiTech welcomes David Malsam!

Effective Aug. 1, READiTECH powered by DRN Experts has purchased Compquest Technology of Aberdeen, SD.  Owner David Malsam has now joined the DRN ReadiTech team.  Both DRN ReadiTech and David are excited for this new partnership and the ability to provide all customers with more efficient, robust sales and support.  In addition to joining the team, David will maintain an office in Aberdeen at 9 5th Ave SE.  DRN ReadiTech would like to thank our current customers for their business and also welcome our new customers.  We truly look forward to working with you.



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Our Monthly Tips Newsletter

More on RRIT

From the desk of Tim Steinwand This month, I have a couple of items that I wanted to bring to your attention that we are very excited about here at ReadiTech. The first is a new offering we now have for our managed service customers, called ReadiRemote IT (RR IT). RR IT is an automated service that allows our ReadiTech team to monitor and fix your computer or network behind the scenes, many times before anyone would know that there is anything wrong. The technology it uses is an encrypted tunnel for communication, so there is no need to worry about anyone viewing your files or data. If RR IT discovers a problem, it immediately opens a service ticket with our ReadiTech technicians, informing them of work to do. As an example, if your business experiences a weekend power outage, and your server or workstation goes down, we know about it immediately, and will be able to get it up and running before your office reopens on Monday morning. The service also alerts us of any patches and updates that need to be installed on your equipment immediately when they are released. You may have seen in the news recently of a number of security vulnerabilities that have been exposed. Because most software is being updated constantly to stay ahead of these threats, RR IT assures you that your equipment will be as secure as it can be, by checking your systems, and alerting us if patches need to be added. Feel free to contact any of our technicians for further information about RR IT. The other thing that... read more

ReadiRemote IT

From the Desk of Andrew Meyer Over the past month we have been making exciting changes to boost our ability to serve our managed service customers. We are in the process of implementing ReadiRemote IT (RR IT), a remote monitoring and management software to oversee our clients’ servers and workstations. This software allows us to monitor and fix many things behind the scenes, many times without anyone’s knowledge that there was even something wrong. I’ll explain how this works and some of the scenarios. RR IT gets installed on our customer’s server or workstation and securely reports back to a server in DRN’s data center what state the machine is in. This is done inside an encrypted tunnel so there are no worries about who can see the machine statistics. If RR IT discovers a problem, it immediately opens a service ticket to inform our ReadiTech technicians there is work to do. Let’s say over the weekend there is a power outage and your server or workstation goes down. We will know about it immediately and be able to get it up and running before the office opens on Monday morning. Some of the other things ReadiRemote IT allows us to do remotely is reboot machines, monitor and install windows and software updates, install and uninstall software, and monitor backups and anti-virus. You will no longer have to worry about running out of disk space, not having security updates installed, or whether or not you’re getting the best performance out of your machine and network. Let our ReadiTech team take care of that for you, call us today about ReadiRemote... read more

R & D Corner

From the Desk of Josh Peldo 3 Technologies DRN customers have been asking for in 2015 Residential and Business customers have been keeping me busy with research and development.  It’s not easy to stay up to date with the fast evolving technology trends, so if you’ve been considering moving your home or business into “the 21st Century” (a real request we had recently) let our R&D dept handle your request.  Our customizable solutions can help solve any issues that you’ve been having.  Looking for a KIOSK for hotel check-ins, or considering moving to Arizona or Florida for the winter but still need to work? I get calls every day from customers looking for customized solutions to either save them money or even more valuable, their time. Here are 3 areas of technology that has been keeping me busy. Mobile access to Data – While almost everyone now-a-days is familiar with “the cloud” not all are comfortable giving their data to it. There are a lot of options that would allow you to work from anywhere using a cloud.  If this is something you’ve been thinking about either as a business or a home, here are a couple things to keep in mind.  You’ve got two real options.  Move all your data, pictures, and information to a cloud site like Microsoft, Amazon or another vendor’s storage site.  Or keep your information and data right where it’s at and build your own secure tunnel and make your own cloud that only you have access to. Security and Access Control – Whether you’re a large business or a small home, security has been a... read more

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