ReadiTech welcomes David Malsam!

Effective Aug. 1, READiTECH powered by DRN Experts has purchased Compquest Technology of Aberdeen, SD.  Owner David Malsam has now joined the DRN ReadiTech team.  Both DRN ReadiTech and David are excited for this new partnership and the ability to provide all customers with more efficient, robust sales and support.  In addition to joining the team, David will maintain an office in Aberdeen at 9 5th Ave SE.  DRN ReadiTech would like to thank our current customers for their business and also welcome our new customers.  We truly look forward to working with you.



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Our Weekly Blog

Digital TV Updates!

Hello!  This is Tim Steinwand, Digital TV Conversion Lead here at DRN.  This time for my blog post, I’d like to answer a few questions regarding the project that people are asking.  Hopefully this will answer some that you may be having. First, this reminder that as of March 1, 2018, ALL TV’s will need to have a DTA box or M-Card device to get the DRN TV signal.  There is some information going around that we are hearing that “I have a new smart TV, I won’t need this box”, or “I just got my TV recently, I won’t need this box.”  This information is incorrect.  All TV’s, old or new, will need this device to get the DRN TV signal.  If your TV is older and only has a coaxial connection, or if your TV is newer and has multiple HDMI inputs, any TV needs the box. Next, the DRN board of Directors has listened to customers concerns, and has authorized all TV customers to get up to 3 DTA boxes at no charge going forward.  The national average of 2.8 TV’s per household prompted the board to issue this directive.  The 3 boxes can be of any combination of boxes with the interactive guide, or the non-guided boxes that DRN offers.  If you received your boxes prior to the new directive, your billing will automatically be adjusted so that you will be receiving your first 3 boxes for free, beginning with guided being free first.  If you are happy with the boxes that you currently have installed, whether guided or non-guided, you will get up to... read more

What is the Internet of Things?

You’ve probably heard the term before as the advances in technology continue to grow. The Internet of Things often time seen as IoT is literally what it sounds like, things with internet. Pretty much anything with power and internet or WIFI capabilities. The Internet of Things include everything from cars, to lights, air conditioners/heaters, headphones, washing machine, refrigerators etc. the list goes on. It also applies to components of machines as well so the jet engine of an airplane or even the controller of an HVAC unit, could have internet access. Some cars have LTE capabilities equivalent to your cell phone.  So where is the internet of things headed? Eventually your alarm clock will ring in the morning and be able to communicate with the coffee machine to get the coffee brewing. Or if you’re out of town and someone needs something from your house you can unlock the doors from virtually anywhere. The possibilities are literally endless. You will soon start seeing smart cities as well which will help reduce waste and improve efficiency in things such as energy. You will start to see smart construction on buildings where if there is damage the infrastructure has sensors that will communicate out to the proper personnel, so they can fix it. You get the idea however, with this great opportunity and advancement comes great responsibility. You can imagine what bad things could happen if someone let’s say hacked your car or your light system or even the engine on an airplane. As the IoT continue to progress and advance the need for security is only going to grow larger.... read more

Video is Your Friend

Hello again!  Last time I joined you I chatted about posting on Facebook in general. (If you missed that post you can catch it here.)  Today I would like to elaborate on that slightly and talk about the use of video.  Seventy-eight percent of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online daily.  Let’s pause for just a moment, have you watched any videos yet today?  Probably more than you realized! Take a second to consider, you are scrolling through your Facebook feed….what is more likely to catch your attention.  A post containing just words, a picture, or a video.  Because humans are naturally drawn to movement, making video a great way to capture your audience’s attention. “But making a video is so difficult!” It doesn’t have to be!  Your videos can be as simple as using your cell phone and taking a quick 30 second video showing your viewers how easy it is to start using your product.  There are many different apps available to help jazz up your videos too.  These apps give you the ability to add filters, effects, text, audio and much more.  Some apps are free with upgrade options.  A lot of them will allow you to also make a video out of a collection of pictures. If you are a fan of the Adobe software, Adobe offers many different video editing/creating apps for free.  Android users will find Movie Maker Filmmaker has high ratings with a large variety of features.  Quik is available to both Android & Apple users sporting many options.  There are hundreds more video editing apps available... read more

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