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Our Weekly Blog

Virtual Reality

I was first introduced to Virtual Reality (VR) about 2 years ago when my family and I took a trip to Minneapolis and spent a day at the Mall of America. My wife and daughter, who was 6 at the time, went shopping while my 5-year-old son and I wandered off to entertain ourselves. We made our way to the Microsoft store where my son immediately sat down at a gaming PC with Minecraft and three 24-inch monitors. He was in heaven! My attention was drawn to the 3 VR stations that they had setup within the store. I kept 1 eye on my son playing Minecraft and my other eye on the closest VR station watching people experience different things. Some people chose the Home Run Derby simulation, others tried their luck with virtual fishing, and some chose to be artistic by painting things in a virtual 3D space. Whenever somebody’s time was up, and they removed the headgear it was easy to see that these people had just experienced something in a new and exciting way. I immediately began to wonder what was possible with VR outside of the world of gaming. I will cover a few of the uses that I found most interesting. Travel: Soon you will be able to be virtually transported to many popular tourist destinations. Imagine clicking a button and finding yourself at the Rome Colosseum, the Louvre in Paris, or my personal favorite, Graceland! Sports: Many of the 2018 Winter Olympic events were filmed in 180 degrees and 360 degree VR. The NBA on TNT has also started a VR broadcast... read more

Road Time Thoughts

As I had a long drive home tonight I was trying to decide what cool technology news I should write my blog on.  My mind kept on wondering to something I have been thinking about for the last couple months.  How does ReadiTech differentiate and separate ourselves from all of our competitors?  I do believe competition is a good thing and it makes everybody better, and in my competitive spirit I believe competition is a better thing when you are winning.  The question now becomes; how do we win your business? I was at working a conference a couple months ago where we set up the ReadiTech booth to promote our managed service business. Directly across the room from us was a competitors’ booth.  As I was passing by their booth, I stopped and chatted with them. We talked about our service offerings, the tools that we use to support our customers and what new things we were trying.  They were very friendly and just so happen to offer same services as ReadiTech and use the same tools that we do. Ever since that moment I have been wondering how do we compete with a company three times our size, that has the same type of certifications, doing the same type of work, with the same tools that we are?  Spoiler alert, I still don’t have the answers, but I did pick up on a couple things since our conversation. I have been told by many customers how nice it is that when they call the office they get somebody on the phone that is ready to help them... read more

Virtualize Your World

Virtualization?  What is it? Why use it?  These are good questions to ask yourself and your business.  I am not talking about a virtual person or Bitmoji, but servers, desktops, switching and more. While many people think of this as a new technology.  Virtulization got its’ start with large mainframes decades ago, to avoid wasting expensive processing power, it really caught hold in the early 2000s. Before virtualization, servers would run one application on one server with one operating system.  The number of servers would grow depending on how many applications were needed.  This would lead to expensive hardware purchases and very little of the hardware resources used.  On average each server would only use 12 to 15 percent of its resources.   Leaving up to 85 percent of server resources completely unused. Virtualization is possible because of a software layer called a hypervisor.  The hypervisor is used to create “software containers” known as virtual machines (VM).  The virtual machines can be servers with different operation systems or desktops, such as Windows 10.  Every VM created on the hypervisor is separate and operate independently of each other.   Virtualization allows you to run more applications on fewer physical servers thus using resources effectively. In a nutshell virtualization takes the CPU, memory, network and storage of the physical hardware and shares it through the hypervisor to the virtual desktop or server. This technology also lends itself to other capabilities.   High availability, migrating VM’s from one host to another, adding memory and processing power all while the VM is running.  Backups can change from file and folders to having a complete image of... read more

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